Upton House Care Home

Home Life

The love and care she receives is wonderful and she recognises staff with a smile. So pleased with our decision to put mum in Upton House.

Michael & Stephen R, sons of resident

As with any family, there is no such thing as a 'typical' day' at Upton House. As in any family, there is always something happening; some of it planned, some of it not! And because we give residents so much choice in what they do, it's even harder to define an average day in the home life of Upton. But let's try...

A day in the life...

A day in the life of Upton House For our residents, the day might start with a bath or shower, according to preference, with assistance from staff if required. Or they could choose to have breakfast in bed, rather than eating with other residents in the bright, spacious conservatory at the back of the house. In fact, there are several places where meals can be taken (or residents fed by staff when necessary). There are two lounges, as well as the dining area. And if people find a favourite spot and want to make it 'theirs', that's fine. After all, it is their home.

As with all meals at Upton, the first of the day is based on the individual likes and dislikes recorded in each person's care plan, as well as choices made before each mealtime. There is more choice in a range of cereals, as well as toast, yogurt, prunes, juices... One resident wanted a boiled egg and burnt toast every morning – and she got it! A cooked breakfast is always available, but, as in many families, is provided for everyone on Saturdays.

Breakfast over, some might remain in, or go back to, their own room, which gives them privacy and which may be furnished with all their own things, including the bed itself in some cases.

If the weather is fine, the doors leading from the conservatory onto the lawns and gardens can be opened. Because our security is effective but very discreet, residents are able to use the gardens unaccompanied, but the whole community is often out there together, enjoying the fresh country air and sunshine.

If it's a Friday, the hairdresser will be here, for cuts, washes and sets (we have a professional backwash basin). Every two weeks a beautician also visits; manicures and hand or neck massages are appreciated by many residents.

Through the week the care staff also help everyone look their best; it's vital to personal pride, dignity and wellbeing. Giving a manicure is a way to provide personal care with, quite literally, a gentle touch... Between residents and staff, there are also lots of hugs exchanged every day, to comfort, reassure and show affection.

A break for coffee and biscuits at around 10.30, and then, if it's a Tuesday, music, dancing and exercise is available to all, to improve movement and coordination. We encourage all residents to continue previous hobbies and interests if they still wish to. There's a piano in one of the two lounges, for singalongs and personal use, and lots of old films and musicals available on DVD, to bring back memories and past pleasures.

Lunch is served at around 12.30. Again, it's prepared by our two chefs in our own kitchens, according to individual tastes and requirements, and beautifully presented.

After lunch, residents are again free to spend time as they wish; afternoon tea is served at around 2.30. If someone has a birthday, balloons and banners are up all day and everyone joins in the fun. There will be birthday cake. (There is always cake at Upton, and it's made here, by our cooks. The cherry genoa is particularly recommended.)

Christmas, Easter and Bonfire Night are celebrated with great enthusiasm every year, and there's an outdoor barbecue every summer.

Contact and visits from family and friends are welcomed and encouraged. Visitors can share meals with residents and accompany them on walks around the grounds, or expeditions to the local garden centre or other places of interest.

It's now late afternoon, and time for the final meal of the day, served from about 5.15. It ranges from hot pasta dishes to sandwiches served with salad, soup, crisps and pickles. Again, it's based on individual tastes and preferences.

Drinks and biscuits are served before bedtime, which is, again, different for everyone. However, soft drinks such as juices are freely available all through the day. Some residents prefer to have a bath or shower at this time, before settling down for the night.

And so to bed, safe in the care of warm, empathetic, highly trained staff who will be on duty all through the night. And safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day in a real home, with a real family.